WHY will most Distributors NEVER be able to SPONSOR AT WILL?

Most Distributors Will Never Be Able To Recruit People They Do NOT Know At Will Because They Are NOT DOING A FEW SIMPLE THINGS…

Why will these Distributors Continue to struggle and Run Out of Prospects when THEY DO NOT HAVE TO?

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Discover The Truth About Cold Market Recruiting, And Never Lack Leads Again!

Cold Market Recruiting Mastery Webinar & Video Training Series

How Would You Like To Tap Into The Minds and Experience Of These Two Home Business Icons?

 Doug Firebaugh MLM Trainer on MLM Cold Market RecruitingDoug Firebaugh has over 25 years of Massive Recruiting Success –First hand experience and Training others- and has built a Billion Dollar Story that spans the Globe.
Diane HochmanDiane Hochman is one of the most successful and Best Known home business professionals today and is an ONLINE and OFFLINE Recruiting Master and a highly sought after Trainer, Speaker, and Coach– nationally and internationally.

They have come together FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME to share little known secrets to succeeding massively in the Cold Market in this Content Rich, Success Soaked, Possibility Powered Webinar & Video Training Series!

There are ONLY TWO GROUPS of People in the Home Business Profession:

Those that Live in Lead Overflow
& Those that Live in Lead Poverty

MLM Cold Market Recruiting Training - Leads Overflow by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman The Moment You Discover The Truth About Cold Market Recruiting, You Will Never Suffer From Lead Poverty Again!

MLM Recruiting Training - Cold Market Recruiting Webinar by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman

In this Three Part – ONE OF A KIND Cold Market Recruiting Mastery Program You Will Discover:

    • How to SPONSOR AT WILL people you do NOT know.MLM Recruiting Training - How To Build Your Online Funnel by Doug Firebaugh & Diane Hochman

    • The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made when Recruiting in the Cold Market.

    • The 5 Most Powerful Words for a Cold Market Prospect.

    • How to Start a “Magnetic Conversation” with people you do not know.

    • 4 steps –How to Turn a Cold Market Prospect into a HOT Market Prospect.

    • How to write a Classified Ad that PULLS and where to run them- step by step.

    • How to create an Online Recruiting Funnel that PULLS Prospects IN!

    • How to use Social Media for Cold Market Recruiting – Step-by-Step.

    • The Secret of Video Recruiting and how to FLOOD your Inbox with Leads!

    • The Secrets of the “Power Headline” and “Power Phrases.”

    • The Secret to “Cold Market Connection” and how to develop INSTANT rapport.

    • The Secret of “Mobile Recruiting” and how that works in the Cold Market.

    • The 4 Motivators of the Cold Market.

    • Why the “Cold Market” is actually a WARM MARKET.

    • How to use a Mobile Web site for Cold Market Recruiting.Cold Market Leads Recruiting Training by Doug Firebaugh & Diane Hochman

    • The 5 Words you NEVER use with a Cold Market Prospect.

    • The 5 Most powerful Questions you can ASK a Cold Market Prospect.

    • The 3 Questions you ALWAYS ASK a Cold Market Prospect.

    • The Secret to “YELLOW PAGE RECRUITNG.”

    • The Secret to “Reverse Classified Recruiting.”

    • The Secret to “Social Media Groups” and Recruiting people you do NOT know.

    • How to Recruit a Cold Market Prospect – GUARANTEED – on a NAPKIN.

    • The Secret to Cold Market Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube RECRUITING.

    • Plus SO MUCH MORE!!!


First 100 Get Instant Access to 18 Bonus Videos on Prospecting!

Cold Market Prospecting Training Bonus Videos

MLM Recruiting Scripts - Cold Market Leads Training by Doug Firebaugh and Diane Hochman

Cold Market Recruiting Script – These alone are worth the cost of registration!

You will receive some of the most powerful
Cold Market Recruitng Scripts that exists
and MOST you have never heard!
  • Scripts for Telephone Recruiting.
  • Scripts fpr Starting a Magnetic Conversation.
  • Scripts for Following Up and Closing Cold.
  • Scripts for Prospect’s Voice Mail.
  • Scripts for Reversing Classified Ads.
  • Scripts for Social Media.Reconnecting.

MLM Training - The Ten Commandments of Cold Market Recruiting MP3 DownloadThe Ten Commandments of Cold Market Recruiting MP3 Audio

In this powerful audio, you will learn the Ten MUST
adhere to Secrets in order to accelerate and elevate
your Cold market Recruiting efforts.
This audio will teach you what NO ONE ELSE WILL
on Cold Market Recruiting and will OPEN YOUR EYES to
the TRUTH of what to DO, SAY, and NOT DO and SAY.
This audio will become one of your most prized
posessions in your home business success.

Cold Market Recruiting Testimonials

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When: Lives Sessions Thurs. October 4, 2012 8-11 PM EST
Where: Online Webinar and Members Only Site. (You’ll receive registration email reminders prior to live event).
Tuition: ONLY $297.00 $97.00 – Temporary Offer!


We are limiting the number of participants to 250 people so Don’t DELAY!

To register click the link below and Learn the simple proven skills to help you Recruit At Will!

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